{shortcode-6e7e3fc6749d493483237f5305be91700b01ee2a}It has been a long, long 13 weeks, and though it’s bittersweet, we are so glad this spring semester is coming to an end. To close off our semester on a wholesome note, we are recollecting the small acts of kindness, words of encouragement, and other sentiments that helped us get through the spring.

Shout out to:

The girl who shares my love for General Gao’s chicken and waited patiently with me until the HUDS staff kindly brought out a new tray of our favorite chicken nuggets covered in sweet and sour sauce.

The really nice guy in Berg who always says “thank you” and “have a nice meal.”

Pet therapy, need I say more? There is no better feeling than walking past the science plaza tent and seeing the cute goats, ducks, chicks, bunnies, and pigs and having your stress instantly melt away. Thank you to Stuey, Starlight, Meatball, and Tony for being there when we needed it the most.

The new Berg additions. Falafel Fridays, Taco Tuesdays, Sundays Sundaes, and the reopening of the Grill. The variety that we’ve seen in the dhall menu is astounding. Having a nice meal to spice up my life after a really long day in lab, classes, and club meetings really pulled us through the semester.

The two girls who complimented my dress in front of Lamont. Nothing feels better than fellow women’s validation. Thank you for making my day and helping me feel pretty.

Seeing the flowers start to bloom. A beautiful sight for my eyes, a sore sorrow for my nose. Even though I’m sneezing every few seconds, the flowers motivated me as I walked through the yard for another Cabot Library study session.

My semester crush. Thank you for not making a move again this semester. I didn’t want a relationship anyway because of my #commitmentissues. Ahahah. Definitely not crying myself to sleep. (Iykyk)

Thank you Taylor Swift, always, but specifically for releasing “Red” (TV) when I was in the trenches. I will never not sing along to “All Too Well 10 minute version.”

It’s been a challenging semester, but it’s the little things that count. Thank you to everyone and everything that kept us from dropping out every so often. Keep thriving, besties. And as they say in high school, HAGS.