{shortcode-946cae358f42975625d52896789d338342124f18} Asking someone out is daunting. Real life is not like the movies, and I’m wimpy and don’t like “putting myself out there.” However, I overcame my mental block and committed to asking someone out, only to realize that figuring out who to ask would be, in fact, the more daunting task.

Boy did I go to extreme lengths to find someone. I asked all my friends if they knew anyone smart, cute, funny, kind, cool, and *not a section kid type* (I hate that I had to specify that, but I did). Apparently this was a tall order. And, everyone that did fit my criteria was already in a relationship or maybe possibly had something sort of going on that I “totally would not want to interfere with.”

The most demoralizing part: one of my said prospects reported back that he flat out did not want to go out with me. Then, I hurled myself into the giant snow pile in front of Annenberg.

After having no luck and restarting therapy, I determined there was only one logical solution — I should transfer. Realizing that I was being a tad too dramatic, I settled for the next best option: to ask out my friend who was helping me find people to ask out.

So, I staged a romantic Valentine’s date proposal. I brought a half-eaten chocolate box and CVS flowers to Cabot, where my friend was pset-ing. When I asked him if he would go out with me for Valentine’s Day, he seemed really confused and hesitated with his answer. Of course, I then had to answer ‘yes’ for him, seeing as we had generated quite the crowd, and I would hate to have to hurl myself into a snow pile twice.

I also decided to invite my best friend on our “date,” since she didn’t have enthralling V-day plans like me (tough). What did our date consist of? The three of us got dressed up, pregammed, and headed to iHop (temporarily called iHob *please tell me someone remembers that fiasco*) for dinner. The waiter seemed confused by the throuple-ness of our situation, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the blueberry pancakes.

While asking someone out did not go at all as planned and required much more mental energy than expected, I couldn’t have asked for a better and more exhilarating Valentine’s Day <3. 10/10 would recommend.