{shortcode-c9a826bee3c3245e024777139fda264bfed3691b}The seasons may change but the fashion taste of the Harvard Man remains the same. Some outfits are extremely dapper (perhaps a little too much so), and some outfits should just not exist. Here, we have ranked some classic ensembles and enlisted a fashionable Harvard Man™ to model for us with scarily accurate posing. Choose your fighter below:

5. The HSA Laundry Day Look (but it’s laundry day everyday?)

{shortcode-7fe9dc033669292fa86bd67738cccab5c45b8c4f}This is the most basic of the Harvard Man outfits. Good luck finding your man-friend in the Yard if all you can remember is that he has a t-shirt and shorts on. In a more aesthetic sense, this fit is just meh overall. Odds are also high that it is a Crimson Key Society or “I took CS50” shirt.

4. The Finance Fit

{shortcode-421850d1574416edb79cecca6486d09e89ab82ab}Ask this flavor of Harvard Man and he will tell you that life is just one long dress rehearsal for a future career in finance. Unfortunately, our budget does not cover the items required to complete this look, so we tried our best to create a knock-off.

3. The Last Night Was A Movie

{shortcode-2b76872db98a4404bc30c418f0484d74dd66aa8c}“Saturdays Are For The Boys” vibes. The color coordination is nice… when it happens. Alas, too bad the average Harvard Man lacks the knowledge of color theory required to make this work consistently.

2. The “You might not have heard of it before, but I’m in [Insert Final Club Here]”

{shortcode-6abb755ef44ed4233cc534480db0719101a94330}Attractive, until you realize he doesn’t wear it for you, but for socializing on Thursday nights ://

1. The Moleskine In One Hand, 12 oz Barker Medium Roast In The Other

{shortcode-36604997b9f75b79fbd024547a21d9f79a9f38bd}This outfit is rare. If you see this Harvard Man, just know that he is few and far between. This outfit lets you imagine for a second that the Harvard Man is in a holiday Hallmark romcom, chasing after you to the airport to tell you he gave up his big-city finance job to ride off with you into the sunset. But you’re snapped back into reality when he brings up his summer internship instead.