{shortcode-edebaa9fbb60d61a381ab1f735e9f97d18e9a277}This Halloweekend, Harvard students showed up (we’re all try-hards after all). In case you were too drunk busy to pay attention to the costumes around you, Flyby crowdsourced the best Halloween costumes spotted this weekend, because we have eyes everywhere and gotta give credit where credit is due. Keep reading to see if you made the top costumes of 2022. And don’t cry if you didn’t.

Nicole Kidman in the AMC Ad

Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like the Advo party.

Life Gives You Lemons

Shoutout to the girl with the “Life” nametag who held a basket of lemons for the entire night — you rock.

Sophia Grace and Rosie

Relevant and up-to-date with the pregnancy belly!

Tom Brady and the Divorce Papers

Trading in his marriage for football… only to un-divorce forty days later?

Ginger-Bread Man

While low in effort, the elite creativity of a ginger man holding a loaf of HUDS bread puts this one on our list.

The House from UP

Repurposing an Amazon box + tasteful decor = cardboard house with balloons, also known as an excellent costume seen at the Crimween party.

Fire and Ice Dance from Blades of Glory

Whoever you two are, points for making us all want to rewatch this iconic film.


Many groups of seven deadly sins were to be spotted this spooky weekend. However perhaps the best was a (failed) attempt at wearing a Trader Joe’s bag. Flyby knows all too well that having a Trader Joe’s in walking distance is a sin as far as our wallets are concerned.

Inflatable Shark Costumes

Just to give you a sense of how iconic these were, here are some Overheards at Flyby:

“One of them took their head off and looked back and my roommate gasped and said, ‘And they’re good-looking too!’”

“Nothing tops the sharks.”