{shortcode-7c02b3acb917b122f23092447a9914b5c7bcf6c5}Yeah, yeah, yeah — you know what your FOP leader told you about the John Harvard Statue, Widener Stacks, and first day of reading period. Snooze fest. We’re back on campus, and for those of us who are in our final fall, it’s time to graduate to the big boy bucket list. Here’s some tasks for any senior who feels like they’re really up to the challenge.

Do something risky.

Go to an apple orchard. And don’t post a picture on social media. Sure, you might look cute in your H sweater, and that apple isn’t the only juicy thing in the photo, but risks are meant to be taken. Other options include trying to get into the Leverett dining hall on community dinner night if you’re not a resident, brewing your own dorm wine, or sticking the pointy part of the Lampoon ibis somewhere creative.

Get mistaken for a freshman.

Maybe you don’t remember where the dish drop is. Maybe you look a little young in your mask. Maybe you’re taking LS1a. Hey, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Get rejected from a job.

Right. Of. Passage.

Take a picture that has never been taken at Harvard before.

Lots of tourists, lots of cameras. But nobody has ever taken a picture of themselves rappelling down the side of Widener. Nobody has a pic of the time they wore nothing but a ripped-in-half phone book to CS50. Nobody has a 2 a.m. pset picture where everyone in frame looks happy.

Forget you’re thesising for about a week.


Sled in the first snow.

Widener steps are for babies! Some creative options: the hill by Adams (beware of traffic), the banks of the Charles (beware of gGeese), the side of the GSD (beware of gravity). Grab and go with your HUDS tray, except you’ll be what’s flying by. Bonus points if you hit CGIS so I don’t have to go to section there anymore.

Get rid of those alcohol bottles you’ve been using as decoration.

This is maturity. This is adulthood. Those are recycling.

Tell someone you love them.

Options are endless. Mom? Estranged blockmate? Hot TF? Freshman fling one time hookup you’ve been obsessing over for the past four years and just need closure, dammit?

The semester has just begun, we have a lot of time, but all the same, endings don’t have to be scary. So let’s make this a good one. No regrets!