{shortcode-40acc8cc2adc61e5e78d2eea2d941d2313ae98af}Gone are the days when you could put on your coolest pants and fanciest coat and stage a one-person fashion show between the B and C aisles in Annenberg. Eating inside is so 2019, and we’re all about that newness. Meals can still be your personal Eleganza if you want them to be, so read on for some outfits fresher than Red’s best.

A Harvard sweater, with a button down layered beneath, some ~capital-t~ Trousers and loafers.

This is the TikTok watching, Pinterest stalking, soft academia lewk of your dreams. Add some chains to show that you might be a Harvard student, but you’re definitely a cool kid. Accidentally disconnect your headphones while grabbing your food so that everybody knows you’re listening to SZA, and keep your backpack unzipped so the person behind you can see all the books you’re reading.

Your Best Going Out Look

Little dress and heels! Jersey and a cap! That one button down you have that does double time for job interviews and “Risky Business” parties! Since you're not going to be busting down in the Mather JCR anytime soon, strut your stuff on your way to get your Seitan Sizzle. Now that’s hot.

A DHA sweatshirt and sweats.

Either a flex about your athletic ability OR a flex about your ability to abscond with someone else's sweatshirt. If it's the latter, wear running shoes, just in case the person you stole the sweatshirt from is on the track team and you're going to have to beat them at a 50-yard dash to keep the spoils of your robbery.

An outfit inspired by the actual food itself

Red's Best is obviously head to toe crimson, and a breakfast banana doesn't take too much creativity either. But a whoopie pie? Gnocchi? Sauteed spinach with garlic? Farro with roasted zucchini, squash, eggplant, and celery? The options never fail to excite. And don't forget to subscribe to Harvard Today to be notified of the day's theme.

Absolutely nothing except some HUDS napkins to cover your naughty bits and a face mask.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, and in this ensemble, you'll show what an absolute eco-warrior you are. Cheeky!

Regardless of what you wear, wear a mask and bring a thank you for the HUDS workers. :-)