{shortcode-6be378d59dd303ce4f2eb0b1f9b629cca438476b}Listen. We know Wellness Days are meant for you know… wellness. But sometimes we just need a little chaos in our lives! If I can’t spend the week on a beach in Cancún like the hypothetical spring break trip of all those early 2000s college movies, then I might as well have some fun with it. Apologies in advance for what is sure to be an ~interesting~ day.

Watch eight hours of Vine compilations.

Leave a comment on every Harvard Crimson article.

Buy 42 Squishmallows because TikTok told you to.

Ask every person in your contacts for their birth time.

Change your concentration (again).

Declare a joint concentration (just for fun).

Invest all your money in GameStop — it’s not too late.

Build a completely accurate recreation of LamCafe on Minecraft.

Add at least four hours to your phone’s screen time.

Start a 2,000 piece puzzle, never finish it.

Stream your entire day on Instagram Live.

Drink 18 cartons of HUDS Oatly Oat Milk.

Delete Zoom completely off your laptop just to feel something.

Try out a middle part, instantly regret it.

Text every single one of your exes.

Write an article about unwell ways to spend your next Wellness Day.

In all seriousness, today is a day to (hopefully) get off Zoom for a bit, maybe spend time with those in your bubble, and have at least a *few* hours without school on your mind. Will you actually accomplish that? Maybe not! But we’re proud of you for trying<3