{shortcode-8f3abf1c1c8115245cf88c109f9e9ff86c64458a}With the endless hours of sitting in front of your laptop on Zoom, maintaining an active life can be challenging. Though you may not have the option to freely head to the Malkin Athletic Center to burn off some energy, there are still ways to keep moving if you wish to do so. Here are a few tips from Flyby to working out without the MAC as we spend a few more months indoors.

Harvard Recreation’s YouTube Channel

Live workout sessions with Harvard Recreation are super motivating and upbeat, but maybe all of the live yoga sessions conflict with your language class, or you think Zumba is more of an afternoon activity and not a 7:30 a.m. one (we feel you). To mitigate time constraints, Harvard Recreation uploaded several videos to follow along with at any time. Whether you want to try pilates for the first time or challenge yourself to a 30-minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, there is a large variety of options with different instructors available. Because these trainers usually lead classes at Harvard, this may be one of the closest ways to feel like you’re at the MAC.

Zoom Call with Friends

If you’re having trouble keeping a consistent workout schedule, consider setting up a regular schedule with a few buddies to get your heart pumping over a Zoom call. Challenge each other to see who can do the longest plank, the most jumping jacks, and the highest kicks. Or you can all use a virtual background of the Charles River while jogging in place, as if you’re going on a run together like the good ol’ days. At the end, reward yourselves with a cute little Netflix Party.

Creativity with Household Items

If you want to sneak in a few exercises while you’re waiting around for your Internet to connect, for your cup of noodles to heat up, or for your club members to show up, use everyday household items around you. In the common room, transform the futon into a tricep dip apparatus. In your bedroom, pick up your heavy pile of dirty pajamas and carry it to the laundry machine. Sure, you may get some funny looks from the people you live with, but what’s new?

Run Around in Circles

Maybe you’re located in a crowded city with high Covid-19 rates where it is unsafe to be outdoors for a long period of time. Or perhaps there is a foot of snow outside and you simply would rather stay where it’s warm and cozy. If you miss running and don’t have a treadmill, set up a few chairs in a circle and jog around them. And good news — sprinting to the kitchen to quickly grab a banana one minute before your class starts definitely counts as a run!

With another semester of Zoomversity, you’re probably limited in ways to work out. Though our beloved gym may not be physically available, there are still several ways to stay active without the MAC.