{shortcode-2af53dd554891586574abc5c549b30cba0e9d5e3}If you think you know what your love language is, think again. As a Harvard student, this quiz is going to give you your most accurate results yet — just in time for convincing your new quarantine boo to buy you a Zinneken’s waffle or endorse your skills on LinkedIn for Valentine’s Day!

Where is your ideal date location?

a) Jefe’s — if someone bought me nachos, I would probably marry them on the spot.

b) Shake Shack — I’m fully prepared to destroy my new lover at foosball while we enjoy our shakes.

c) Tatte — the ambient lighting and freshly baked pastries really do it for me<3

d) Zinneken’s — warm, cozy, and plenty of Nutella… need I say more?

e) Toscano’s — what can I say, I’m bougie.

You’re at the extracurricular fair during Opening Days. Which Harvard club do you sign up for?

a) Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA)

b) Harvard Student Agencies (HSA)

c) Flyby Blog ;)

d) Crimson EMS

e) Harvard Financial Analysts Club (HFAC)

What do you consider the apex of romance?

a) Doing your pset for you

b) Actually ~getting a meal sometime~

c) Putting in a “good word” for you while internship hunting

d) Carrying you back from a quad party

e) Giving you their Canada Goose

You’re sTrESsEd. How do you deal?

a) Hiding under your bed until your friends start worrying about you

b) Going to section just to lay all your problems on the *cool* TF

c) Writing an angry #harvardconfessions post

d) Hugging John Harvard until you smell like metal

e) Wearing your Patagucci because it makes you feel better

What’s your preferred transportation?

a) Uber (but my boo calls it for me)

b) Walking with the homies — it’s slow, and I’ll become a human popsicle, but I’m here for it

c) My trusty scooter, but if Google maps doesn’t talk to me every two seconds, I’m lost

d) Good ol’ red line, and I’m standing in a human sandwich because there’s no seats left

e) Uber Eats because I’m not going anywhere — let it come to me :)


Mostly A’s: Acts of Service

If your boo is willing to go to Jefe’s for your first date, they have delivered the ultimate act of service. You value when your partner shows that they care about you, especially in the form of completed psets or warm tea from Brain Break.

Mostly B’s: Quality Time

If you chose mostly B’s, there’s nothing that makes you feel better than quality time with the people you love. You don’t mind waiting in line forever at Shake Shack if it means spending more time with your boo. And studying in Lamont isn’t (as much of) a chore when they’re with you<3

Mostly C’s: Words of Affirmation

“[insert name] has endorsed your skill on LinkedIn” means even more than “I love you.” Mostly C’s mean you cherish that your partner tells you how much they care about you, whether that means shouting over the noise in Tatte or telling you, “yeah, you do look good in your fake Canada Goose.”

Mostly D’s: Physical Touch

If you chose mostly D’s, cuddles are the way to your heart. You don’t mind crowded places like Zinneken’s, where you have the excuse to snuggle up to your boo. And an extracurricular where you show care through physical contact is right up your alley.

Mostly E’s: Receiving Gifts

If you chose mostly E’s, you’re high maintenance… and what about it? Thoughtful gifts are the easiest way to find (buy) the way into your heart. Everyone wins — you (with your new gift) and your boo (because they’ve got you)!