{shortcode-b8b2574e19ec08a8407bbb91b2a77a0fe17ca4c6}With reading period and final exams around the corner, the academic workload for most students has been peaking quite a bit. Here are a few friendly reminders from Flyby on using campus resources to make life a little more manageable.

Academic Resource Center

For those of us elders on campus, you may be wondering what happened to the Bureau of Study Counsel. Since 2019, it’s found new life as the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and continues to be one of the best support systems for succeeding in your classes. Most students use the ARC to receive one-on-one tutoring for a course, but the center can also help reshape your study habits, diversify your learning environments, and direct you to additional resources. And it hosts a ton of workshops on time management, reading and taking notes more quickly, and how to tackle psets more efficiently!

Writing Center

Whether you’re brainstorming your last Expos paper topic or you need suggestions on your latest senior thesis chapter, the Harvard College Writing Center is the go-to resource to get guidance on writing assignments at any stage, even when all you have are bare minimum notes. Pro tip: check when your next essay deadline is and book an appointment ahead of time to save yourself a long wait time at drop-in hours. Every procrastinator on campus likely has the same idea as you during midterms and finals seasons, so the Writing Center’s services are in especially high demand this time of year.

House-Specific Office Hours

You may see House tutors as reliable emotional support systems and constantly ready to cheer you on, but they are also incredibly helpful academic resources. Depending on your House, tutors often host regular STEM office hours, language tables, economics tables, and senior thesis power-writing hours. For those considering a career in medicine or law, tutors also hold pre-med and pre-law office hours, where they can give advice on your application and share their experiences in their respective fields.

Lamont Multimedia Lab

The infamous Lamont Library is the hub of stress-ridden late-night grinders, but it is also a useful place for media production. If your class requires you to make a podcast, video, or 3D model, the media lab located in the main reading room of Lamont’s basement is one of the best resources to borrow equipment and bring your ideas to life. Not only are Lamont librarians willing to help you with these materials, but they are also amazing resources for teaching you how to use other academic tools such as Hollis, Zotero, and more!

Whether you’re a freshman fumbling through this semester or a senior trying to re-learn college life, there are several resources on campus to help you with your classes. The end of the semester is in sight — we believe in you!