{shortcode-7265ea94b4492c490f59cd46f16dee64091e6b70}After the last few months with classes back in-person and ~relatively~ normal, there are many things to feel hopeful about when looking toward the future. Whether that be anything from having a normal sleep schedule to making it onto Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana’s instagram — join Flyby in manifesting smooth sailing from here on out. Here are a few things that topped our list:

Cuffing season actually living up to its name

Ah yes, cuffing season. Happening annually during the pitch black, brutally freezing winter months between October and Valentine’s Day, this is the season to find that special someone to cuddle up with sheerly for the purpose of stealing their body heat. Come Valentine’s day, you can celebrate the culmination of a beautiful relationship built of 50% shared body heat and 50% seasonal depression-induced mental breakdowns. Now to actually find someone who mutually agrees to participate in such a deeply intimate relationship…Manifest, manifest.

Becoming that person

A tough one indeed…but manifesting that we truly can become the idyllic TikTok “day in the life” person who wakes up at 6 a.m., makes their perfect bed in their perfectly decorated 20th floor NYC apartment with a perfect view and makes a perfect avocado toast with a perfectly poached egg and…no we’re not jealous (or at least not about the 6 a.m. wake up time). Anyway, you get the point — fix that dicey sleep schedule, squeeze in a morning run, even buy yourself some avocados from Trader Joe’s, and craft a janky dorm avocado toast with hard boiled HUDS eggs. You gotta do what you gotta do.

The beautification of HUDS

Speaking of HUDS, let us manifest its *spicing up.* We love you HUDS, but sometimes a student needs their full cereal selection and a working hot chocolate machine. Not to mention an endless supply of brain break bagels. Or a hot breakfast that isn’t just ~water with a pinch of oats~. And since we’re on the topic — when are the house grilles coming back? Perhaps with some additional manifesting there may even be a fully functional ice cream machine...

Cuffed…but summer job edition

While some people actually have their lives together and have had a $100k summer job lined up as of January three years ago, the rest of us have yet to live out our dreams of corporate retreats in the Hamptons and purchasing $8 coffees on our way to work every morning. Fear not! With this manifestation, you’ll be the one making “a day in my life as an investment banker in NYC” TikToks in no time. Or, if that’s not your thing, you can live out the summer of your dreams — on a beach in Mexico, vibing in a castle somewhere in the French countryside, hibernating in your bed after (barely) surviving in-person final exams…you do you, boo.


On the topic of hibernation, there better be some r e j u v e n a t i n g breaks in our near future. Thanksgiving is time for family and friends, not for psets and papers. Being in person again and balancing academics against a dwindling social battery, coupled with extreme FOMO following every missed event, really takes it out of you. Whether you’re traveling home to see family or spending Thanksgiving cuddling with the turkeys that refuse to let you leave your dorm (ah, the sardonicism) let’s manifest some relaxing and very well-deserved time off.

Good vibes at Harvard-Yale

Even though it definitely won’t be the same as in past years, let’s manifest a festive Harvard-Yale that isn’t cancelled last-minute (Yardfest, we’re looking at you). Whatever a good time means for you, let’s keep the fantastic vibes going so that we all get to experience the joys of watching men tackle each other for a couple hours on a ~foreign~ campus. Let the rest be history.

Survivable Weather

While we’ve been blessed with relatively tame (and arguably beautiful) weather over the past few months, things are slowly starting to creep downhill. It’s always during that first bone-chillingly cold day of the fall when you’re hit with the realization that winter is very much a real thing, and this year it’s even worse because we actually have to *commute* to classes. Here’s to hoping that the snow isn’t too rough this year (or if it is...we’ll have a snow day), that the dorm heating system actually works, and that no one is attacked by swarms of Canada geese migrating South for the winter.

Becoming Famous

Finally, what may be the ultimate manifestation of them all…making it onto Dean Khurana’s Instagram. A select few have already made it to the top, and oh how badly we want to be them. To think we actually attend the same school as these people! Perhaps we’ll make it before our time here is up <3

So there you have it, our specially curated Flyby manifestations to help us all make it through these next few weeks, or months, or even years here at our beloved H. It may be impossible to have it all, but honestly just one of these could be enough to satisfy (preferably Dean Khurana). Happy fall, and stay safe out there with the geese y’all.