{shortcode-e645d2e187f2151d52cbed78191665f254d02431}I think we can all agree that the Harvard College community wouldn’t be so special without one particular man: Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana. This iconic individual is known on campus for his positivity, friendliness, and charisma. He makes it his mission to meet and connect with students – one such way being through his Instagram @deankhurana. For many, the peak of their college career (and most likely their life in general) is getting featured on this account. If you’re not already following...literally wyd.

Anywho, to procrastinate on everything else I should be doing, I created this Tag Urself: Rakesh Edition to determine which version of Dean Khurana you align with most. All photos are sourced from his lovely Instagram (which you are now following if you weren’t previously). Stop what you’re doing and tag urself RIGHT NOW.

“The Snacker”

You like pistachios. We get it. There’s one in every group.

“The Vaccine Queen”

You care about the wellbeing of yourself and others. You are what makes this community safe. You have saved your friends from chaos on multiple occasions.

“The Yogi”

Fitness is your passion. You are always in a state of zen. You probably own healing crystals. Nothing is more important to you than the health of your lumbar spine.

“The Elbow Bumper”

You keep up with the latest social trends. When life throws you a curveball, you adapt. No physical contact? No problem. Socially-distanced elbow bumps it is.

“The Activist”

You live and breathe social justice. You will not rest until the people get the rights they deserve. You will be the force that carries us into the future. #HVC4life

“The Clout Lord”

You are an absolute unit. You are legendary. Your body hurts from constantly carrying the weight of your clout. Famous people want to hang out with YOU. They’ll have to speak with your secretary to get on the waitlist.

“The Good Roommate”

You bite the bullet and do the hard things others don’t want to. You are a selfless being. You are the person that stays late after a party ends to help clean up the cups. You are the backbone of society.

“The Nochs Aficionado”

You are an absolute chiller who is down for anything anytime. You go with the flow and take life as it comes. Your vibes are utterly immaculate. You are the glue to your friend group.