{shortcode-1686a0c939f7649b268a4a16475c082a82b8c28f} The Harvard life truly isn’t the same as it once was, so try bringing Harvard to you! Enjoy this list of movies and TV shows that drop the H-bomb, some more than others, to remind you of your home away from home while we’re all desperately ignoring Shopping Week.

Gilmore Girls

Need a feel-good show to escape the reality that classes are starting soon? Try Gilmore Girls! The mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory, are witty, smart, and dangerously caffeinated, and their extremely fast talking will leave you in awe. In the first three seasons, Rory dedicates her life to doing well at her preppy private school, working diligently with the hopes of getting into her dream college, Harvard. Best of all, after you’ve finished all seven seasons, there are four extra episodes on Netflix filmed ten years later!

The Social Network

Sure, The Social Network made it seem like a breeze to create a billion-dollar website from the comfort of a dorm room, while you’re still sporting your favorite Christmas pajamas. Follow Mark Zuckerberg as he hacks every House’s information, interacts with classmates (in person!!! without masks!!!), and obsessively talks about the social scene on campus. You’ll feel your heart pang every time a character drops some familiar Harvard lingo.

The Bachelorette

Drama. Comedy. Love. Bromance. The Bachelorette has it all! If you missed Tayshia’s season last month, watch it for free on the ABC app. You’ll laugh when Harvard alumnus Bennett was unable to spell “limousine” correctly or solve a basic subtraction problem, but you’ll also immediately take it back when you shamefully punch in “2 times 4” in a graphing calculator on your first spring semester pset. Indeed, the Bachelorette takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Friends From College

Friends From College is about a group of friends who met as college students at Harvard and are now entering their 40s. Together, they relive old memories, create new ones, and explore romantic relationships. At this point, there are very few differences between you and alumni: you also haven’t seen your companions in months and you all reminisce about the days on campus with nostalgic smiles.

The Kissing Booth 2

Who doesn’t love a Netflix teen movie with a predictable ending? The Kissing Booth 2 has the three key traits of a classic romcom: a love triangle, actors too old for their roles, and an ultimate obstacle that tests the main characters’ love for one another. You’ve probably already heard that this is a great movie to binge and cringe, but at the sight of the familiar Harvard brick walls, you’ll also feel some school pride. We recommend having some Veritaffles nearby to really help you feel like you’re living a normal life on campus.

Hopefully, you’ll get to see Harvard in person soon rather than through a screen — for now, binge on these shows and movies before a new semester begins.