{shortcode-e8d85ae6cf79a4c24a30605fe3754d090f4d6f67}Now that classes have officially started, we all need something to look forward to when each arduous week comes to a close. Even though partying is off the table (please social distance!), your Friday nights don’t need to be as dull as they were during early quarantine. Check out these fun ideas to spend your weekends remotely!

Whine and Cheese

Taken directly from Parks and Recreation, Whine and Cheese is perfect after a tough week. Grab a couple friends, a bottle of wine, some cheap cheeses, and get ready for some sanctioned complaining with friends. Have your parents knock on your door to recreate the occasional paranoia in your dorm.

PowerPoint Parties

This one requires a little extra work ahead of time, but it’s well worth it and definitely fit for Harvard students. Each person makes a short presentation about something they’re passionate about: the ending of Game of Thrones, sourdough bread, Truly’s vs. White Claw — anything goes!

Bring the Grill Home

Throp Grill is great, but so are microwaved chicken nuggets. Cook up a gourmet snack for yourself, because #selfcare and because nothing washes the pain of a pset away like a milkshake. For even more convenience, pull a Michael Scott and try hooking up a grill right next to your bed. Gourmet!

Dancing Queen

Just because you’re not sweating and sticking to the floor in the Mather JCR doesn’t mean you can’t be tearing up the dance floor. Dance like it’s 2012 in front of your mirror to some old school bops. Maybe bring your mom.

Astral Project

Friends on the other side of the world (or the other side of a wall, but in a different suite)? Visit them in your dreams. Hit the hay early and try your best to dream into an alternate reality where everybody is back together again. Worst comes to worst you get a good night’s sleep and can be ready for a roaring Saturday night of…oh wait…

On campus or off, Fridays are meant to be celebrated. So be it whining, wining, cheesing, or dreaming, make sure you TGIF and give yourself a well earned break!