{shortcode-152e481b0f1d54098c8eede33c766b44af5b65e4}Establishing a good morning routine can be a helpful way to combat the languor of our shelter-in-place days. Plus, maybe seeing the sunrise one day instead of waking up past noon will remind you how beautiful the world can be. Getting out of bed is hard, though, so here are a few ways to rip off the band-aid, eat the frog, and leap out of bed:

Go To Bed Early The Night Before

We know you’ve been up late solely to look up memes or see if your ex texted you back. It’s not worth it; just go to sleep. Even better if you can stay off your phone late at night — the blue light isn’t good for your Circadian rhythm.

Or... Don’t Go to Bed at All

Here’s a philosophical question to keep those eyes open wide: Is it really waking up if you never went to bed? (Hey, at least you’re thinking of this from the comfort of your home instead of Lamont.)

Use an Annoying, Persistent Alarm

If we were on campus, this would be the Mem Church Bells letting you know you’re late to your 9 a.m., or the Lowell Bells jolting you awake every Sunday at the early hour of 1 p.m. For an at-home alternative, you could try chasing this alarm clock around your room instead.

Pretend You Still Have Your 9 a.m.

Imagine your strictest professor glaring at you, or that your attendance is absolutely crucial. If you can convince yourself that you’re a freshman all excited for their first ever Shopping Week 9 a.m. again, you’ll be able to wake up.

Shock Your System

Try going for a run in the morning, even if it’s just around the block. (No one expects you to run the 5k you were capable of pre-quarantine.) Alternatively, check out this Flyby article about the benefits of trying cold showers (#shamelessplug).

Make a List of Your Goals

I don’t mean your five-year plan. Literally, try to think about the reasons you signed up for this class. Maybe you actually liked organic chemistry in high school, needed to fulfill that Gen Ed requirement, or just don’t want to hate yourself tomorrow. Life is more complicated that the idealist college essay you wrote to get in here, and that’s okay.

Take solace in the fact that in a matter of two weeks or less, the semester will be over. It’s the final push, and a hastily written paper or an average final is better than not doing it. Though the trauma of Spring 2020 will probably remain, at least you will have nothing to do soon but think about it while blissfully doing nothing.