{shortcode-1d64f7ef2507a0f7b7eea82b8dd975cbe22403c9}Dear Freshman,

Housing Day is one of the best days of the school year, period. It’s one of the handful of times Harvard upperclassmen pull their school spirit out of the recesses of their deep dark souls, all to welcome all you into your new home. It’s a day of celebration and the resolution of blocking drama, as well as a great send-off for Spring Break. But how does Housing Day work? What should you do to get ready?

Having a game plan for Housing Day is key. This includes deciding things a few days in advance. Do you have a midterm on that day? If so, maybe River Run isn’t for you. Do you have a paper due? Try to finish it a day in advance so you can just enjoy the festivities. Don’t stay up all night after doing River Run (or just in general), because you’ll need to be well-rested for the full day ahead. Your blocking group should be waiting in a predetermined suite (preferably in the Yard, where all the action happens), so it’s important that you SET! MANY! ALARMS! and wake up early enough to get ready, look cute, and make your way to whomstever’s room you’re going to be waiting in for dorm storming. Another solution to this issue is having a sleepover the night before! But don’t sleep on a hard floor the whole night—it’s not worth it. If there isn’t a couch to crash on, just sleep in your own bed and waltz over well-rested in the early morning.

We highly recommend doing something cute as a blocking group for breakfast in the suite, whether it’s buying bagels the night before and doing a bagel and fruit breakfast, or making pancakes on a hot plate that you definitely don’t have in your dorm because those aren’t allowed.

Don’t be too concerned about documenting the experience, although it can be fun to set up a phone camera somewhere that can see the room to have a recording of upperclassmen bursting through your door to look back on in the years to come.

IMPORTANT: Make a promise with your linking group that neither of you will tell the other what house you got before both of you have been dorm stormed. Knowing what neighborhood you’ll be in majorly ruins the surprise.

The most important thing to know about Housing Day is that ultimately, all of the houses are great. We’re sure you’ve made your House ranking lists, but every House can be a home for you if you give it a chance. Lean into the spirit of the day, and the love and excitement that the upperclassmen are screaming at you! (Read: Don’t be rude and cry if a House that you didn’t want dorm-storms you. These students are genuinely thrilled to be welcoming you into the place they call home! Feed off their energy! Stay open-minded!) Go to all of the events: tabling in the Berg, House dinner, and whatever fun post-dinner activity your new House has planned for you. Don’t let your potential disappointment keep you from engaging to the fullest—we promise you won’t regret it.

Housing Day is exciting for everyone, freshmen and upperclassmen alike. We hope you have the Best day: that you’re safe, that the Housing Gods smile down upon you, and that, whatever happens, you welcome your new House with open arms, just like it does for you.


Your Trusty Upperclassmen