{shortcode-6872c0a21d1b4f6f99671acc663e0b7db3df5745}You’ve made it through shopping week — you lotteried, you registered. Now, it’s time for the most perilous part of the new semester: sectioning. Sure, you’ve gotten a read on your professor and the energy of lecture. But you can’t shop a section. Enter the “vibe check,” or the process of altering the vibes of a space through verbal or nonverbal signaling. Here’s how to vibe check your section.

Set the Right Precedent with Your TF

They’re probably a nice person. They have a life outside of section. And they also hold your grades in their hands. Give them a smile, listen to their backstory. If you can vibe with your TF, you’ll probably vibe with their section, and being nice is the best way to guarantee their support in your pursuit of good vibes. If they’re giving off bad vibes, consider switching sections.

Chill Out

This isn’t a job interview. Vibing is a mindful, peaceful experience, so leave the stress at the door. If you’re in a room with windows, sit somewhere with a view. If there are no windows, consider bringing your SAD lamp. Nothing says vibing like great lighting AND curing your seasonal affective disorder.

Bring the Necessities

Pen? Check. Paper? Check. Tea? Check. EcoSystems cup stuffed with cereal? Check. Section is like grabbing a meal, except you don’t have to talk about how busy and stressed you are. Set the precedent early. If you’re in a building with a café in it (Barker Center), take a little break and go get yourself a snack. Take your time. Vibing can’t be rushed.

Section Kid

This is where the real vibe check comes in. When they start to speak, first, remember they are your peer, they are worthy of respect, and you might be able to learn something from them. Then commence the vibe check. It could be verbal, by saying something like “while I respect your thoughts, I would appreciate some space for the words of others.” You could also just stare a foot over their head the entire time they’re talking. Vibe checked!

Check the Whole Class

When the room’s energy is off, and you simply can’t vibe, take direct action. If all else fails, wait for a lull, then stand up and loudly say “vibe check.” If everybody looks at you like you’re crazy, they’ve failed the vibe check. Consider sending them this article.

It’s a new semester, it’s a new year. Ensure in 2020 that you’re surrounded with the best energy possible by vibe checking your way through your classes. And hey, if all else fails, at least you’ll still be vibing.