{shortcode-6756884f2a8c6fac3a7995cf06b3097b594f83eb}1. How do you open a conversation with friends?

A. “Hi, it’s so great to see you!”

B. “I missed you!”

C. A tasteful meme

D. I don’t talk to anyone

2. You need to fulfill your Science and Engineering and Applied Science requirement. What class do you take?

A. Life Sciences 1A

B. Chemistry 20: Organic Chemistry

C. Earth & Planetary Science 10

D. Wait, what requirement?

3. Where do you get coffee on campus?

A. Peet’s

B. Capital One Café

C. Dunks

D. Annenberg

4. How would you break up with a significant other?

A. In a public forum

B. Go into the conversation intending to break up but change your mind

C. Send them your break-up song of choice

D. Just stop replying to their messages

5. What best describes your behaviour when a group project is assigned?

A. Creating a GroupMe and delegating tasks

B. Frantically messaging people the night before it’s due

C. Picking a part of the project and do it without discussing beforehand

D. Not opening the group chat

6. What is your favorite HUDS dish?

A.Cookie Cake

B. Red’s Best Catch

C. French fries from the grill

D. The softies

If you got…

Mostly As: Social Butterfly

You’re the type to schedule Among Us games and make PowerPoints for your friend’s birthday. On campus, you’d be running from coffee dates to class and then back to coffee dates. Online, you still haven’t given up on your social life despite the fact that only one person opened your messages in the group chat. But hey, we admire your grit and commitment to your friendships!

Mostly Bs: Ok, Zoomer

Perhaps your friends and acquaintances are scattered throughout the globe or have wildly incompatible schedules; regardless, you schedule individual Zoom calls to keep in touch, which is so caring, but it must get exhausting to explain the story of your hell week over and over again. You may be running on exclusively black iced coffee and a healthy dose of midterm-induced anxiety, but you’re living the life. Hopefully.

Mostly Cs: Visual Processor

In your eyes, sending memes conveys more feeling than daily texts or an elaborate love letter — it involves paying attention to what people like, and reminds them that you think about them even when you’re scrolling through Instagram. What higher love exists than sending someone a TikTok that will make them laugh, or a meme you know that they specifically will appreciate?

Mostly Ds: The Ghost on Among Us

You have vanished into the unknown, and your friends wonder whether they will ever see you again! You might not mean to ghost people, but maybe you are having the time of your life (or are at rock bottom. Either works).