{shortcode-b3c1d99b915a97c07d2dedcdffe70f07489cd390}Now that Harvard acceptances are out, a lucky 4.5 percent of applicants get to proudly say that they’re coming to Harvard next year. Sometimes, however, that college announcement process isn’t quite as easy as it seems.

DO: Post where you will be going to school next year

College is a big deal and most of your friends and family will be wondering where you will be going. You clearly worked hard and got into, objectively, the best Ivy League school. Make sure to tag your post with #Harvard2023 and check out the hashtag to see and be seen by your new classmates.

DON’T: Post all your acceptances

While many people care deeply about you, no one cares to see the long (or short) list of where you were accepted to college. Nobody has ever been impressed by an “Anybody else deciding between Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT?” post; you just look arrogant. We know it’s hard for you to decide, but we don’t need to be privy to your decision (and neither do the thousands of people who got rejected).

DO: Get a few pieces of Harvard Merch

Once you have decided you are a future member of the Crimson, it is important to get swag to match. Check out the COOP, or apparently even H&M or Forever 21, for some Harvard gear. Get a t-shirt, sweatshirt, classic H sweater, or even a tasteful Veritas tattoo above your eyebrow to show your school pride. Just make sure that Harvard gear does not become the only thing in your wardrobe.

DON’T: Ever explicitly say you go to Harvard

Saying you go to Harvard, or dropping the H-bomb, as some may say, is never to be done when first meeting someone. Start by saying you go to school in Boston, and those in the know will get your Crimson connection. If people press on, continue to get more specific about the location. I go to school in Cambridge…next to the Charles River...between MIT and Tufts...by the Harvard Square T stop.

DO: Connect with your fellow classmates to talk about Harvard

Harvard 2023 already has a Facebook group that is up and running, as well as many group chats based on location, potential concentrations, or interests. Join these groups so you can talk about how excited you are about Harvard, without seeming like you are constantly flexing.