{shortcode-3e73127df1c82b6de152ebd08d177f15b61fce1f}The one weekend when Harvard students have school spirit is nearly upon us, folks, and this time, The Game is at Yale. Despite the widely held belief that Harvard-Yale is more fun when Yale hosts, it’s without a doubt more complicated logistically. Assuming you actually find a way to New Haven (buses, Razor Scooters, Heelys, etc), it’s time to find a place to crash.

Sister Housing

Yay for inter-university partnerships! Each Harvard House and freshman dorm is paired to one of Yale’s residential colleges, so you should have a place to stay for free on-campus guaranteed!

Pros: You’re a simple Google form away from acquiring free housing on Yale’s campus. No haggling or money required.

Cons: Chances are, deadlines may have passed. Make some phone calls and hope for the best.

Desperate DMing

Remember that one person you kind of talked to during Bulldog Days? Or maybe your sort-of friend from a summer program a few years ago? Or that one high school classmate who you promised to keep in touch with after graduation but never really did? Welp, time to work those halfway connections for all they’re worth. Offer a place for them to stay next year or a free coffee or the naming rights to your first born, but just make sure you secure the deal in writing.

Pros: Free place to stay!

Cons: That feeling of guilty awkwardness of only remembering to interact with someone when you need a favor; increased chances of having to host them next year.

Tinder for Days

Set your location to Yale University and get to swiping so you can land a couch to stay for the night.

Pros: You have a zero percent chance of seeing this Tinder match in your dhall; no money required.

Cons: You might catch feelings (disgusting); you have to act interested in a Yale student.


You snooze, you lose. RIP to all the procrastinators out there, but if you can’t snag some free housing by now, it might be time to shell out. Grab your blockmates and pool your funds for a rental.

Pros: You don’t have to sleep on someone’s floor; you get to take a break from dorm life for a night!

Cons: MONEY; having to find transport from your Airbnb to the tailgate/game (MORE MONEY).

Sleep is for the Weak

Can’t make any of the above work? No worries! You only need a place to stay if you intend on sleeping. Channel your inner midterm stamina and just stay awake for, like, 30 hours.

Pros: Cost effective; no planning or coordination required.

Cons: Have to be conscious in the land of Gothic architecture, will probably fall asleep mid-tailgate, might hit on a Yale student in a moment of sleep-deprived stupor. Seriously, don’t do this.

Even though securing a place to sleep for The Game is daunting, you’ve got options. Good luck and good yard to all!