Totally bamboozled about your concentration? Stressed beyond words about the upcoming declaration deadline? We asked Flyby sophomores why they picked their field of study — or the fields of study they're still choosing between. Welcome to Why I Declared 2018.

Classical Languages and Literatures & Linguistics: Carmen S. Enrique


I’ve wanted to study both Classics and Linguistics since I was in high school. When you have less popular interests, people always question your motives for going down a “less profitable” or “less useful” path. The simple answer is that I don’t really know why I want to study language; I just enjoy it. The deeper reason is that I love Latin poetry and need to take at least one class about it per semester to stay sane. I realized that this dependency could easily lead to a concentration, so here I am. As for Linguistics, I just find it interesting. The field is so innovative and interdisciplinary, and every part of it is wildly different. At its best, Linguistics is a collection of fun facts; at its worst, it’s a bad trip that leaves you stumbling blindly out of Sever, wondering if words are real. Both of these fields of study are often sold as small departments where you can get individualized attention. While that’s true and it’s great, it’s a shame that Classics and Linguistics have to market themselves that way. Instead, I think of them as two amazing (and prestigious) departments with great courses and brilliant faculty.

History and Literature OR English & Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality: Rocket Claman


Hi, my name is Rocket, like a spaceship, affectionately known on Flyby as Rickshaw, and a few days out I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll be declaring as my concentration. I am leaning towards a joint concentration in English and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, but am also considering a joint in History & Literature and WGS. I was drawn to storytelling from a young age, and spent my life in elementary and middle school navigating busy hallways with an armful of binders and my nose stuck in a book. Therefore, I would ideally love to write a political novel as my thesis. With this in mind, I still need to figure out the degree to which a creative thesis is possible in different departments.

I love English, but I’m passionate about social justice issues and active enough politically, that I know that doing just English wouldn’t fulfill my desires — this political drive needs to find its way into my concentration, I’m just not sure how quite yet. Maybe I’ll do a Government or Sociology secondary. Who knows? I do know that I am at my happiest when working on creative projects, and if possible would love to include aspects of that in my course of study. Basically, I’m stressed. And excited! But stressed.