Whether you have a special someone or you didn’t get that lucky this cuffing season, Palentine’s Day is a great time for everyone to leave the romance behind and embrace the authentic joy of friendship.


After all, Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly overrated—if you love someone, you shouldn’t just devote a single day to prove it. So if you were already dreading this coming Valentines’ Day (Read: Single People’s Awareness Day), fear not, because the possibilities for fun on the fourteenth are endless.

Write Palentine’s Day cards to your closest chums.

Palentine’s Day is all about celebrating the people you love and reminding them of all the reasons you admire them. So this Palentine’s Day, write a letter to your closest pals telling them how grateful you are for their presence in your life. Whether it’s through recounting dumb inside jokes from last semester, or sentimental memories from opening days, everyone likes feeling appreciated.

Netflix and Platonic Chill.

Whether you’re going for a traditional Galentine’s Day and choose to throw it down with the girls, or you wanna binge watch your favorite show with the guys, a casual Netflix and Chill accompanied by half-priced Valentine’s Day candy (which can be purchased with Crimson Cash, bless you CVS) is always a success. Rather than having to plan a stuffy, elaborate dinner with your S.O., movie nights are the perfect opportunity to unwind on the common room futon and enjoy the comfort of cuddling in companionable silence.

Wine/Whine Night.

Just because you and your friends aren’t a band of middle-aged moms doesn’t mean you can’t act as such. Sometimes the laid-back ease of movie night is too mundane, and you feel like observing this holiday in a more sophisticated setting. AKA, whining about your sorrows over unlimited wine and cheese. If you’re balling on a budget, Trader Joe’s is the place for you. With selections of wine ranging in price from $3-$9, a poor college student really can’t go wrong. Not to mention, their cheese varieties are superb. From their Vanilla-Blueberry Brie to their Jalapeño and Honey Gouda, Trader Joe’s is sure to make your Palentine’s Day unforgettable.

At the end of the day, you don’t really need extravagant plans to appreciate the company of your best pals. But this Valentine’s Day, don’t let the fact that you are single be a reason to sulk in your solitude and pine for your nonexistent cuddle buddy. Just because you don’t have romantic love in your life right now, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the other kinds of love that are all around you. So go stock up on discounted candy and cheap wine, and get ready to celebrate Palentine’s Day like never before.