The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and other schools too).

First of all: are you following the Ivy League campus story? That’s probably the best place to get news about what is happening in and around the elite schools of the North East, but if you haven’t been keeping up, Flyby is here to fill you in.

Harvard may have had Lucy Liu and Conan O’Brien visit, but Penn had Caitlyn Jenner. Reactions to the event were mixed, with the Daily Pennsylvanian reporting that front-row audience members left early, and that many students were “disappointed” and found Jenner “self-absorbed.” Surprising! Who would have expected that from a reality TV star?

Demonstrations continue at Yale. Most recently, Fossil Free Yale (FFY) gathered outside the president’s office to protest the Yale Corporation. The demonstrating students voiced concerns about the secretive nature of the University’s official governing board, setting up four faceless mannequins to symbolize the Corporation, as well as the university’s divestment policy.

At Duke, which granted is not in the Ivy League, but is often grouped in along with us, a Delta Sigma Phi and Kappa Kappa Gamma mixer “Kappa Kops” caused controversy on campus, and motivated a “teach-in on prison abolition and the ways in which mass incarceration is tied up in systems of power evident in greek life.” Protesters called for the abolishment of both the American prison system and Greek life. One individual even held a sign reading “Rush KKKG.” There’s definitely a lesson to be learned here regarding putting a little thought into your choice of theme for that next mixer.

Brown students should take note, as it appears that sorority girls have infiltrated the campus. We’re a little confused by this, as we thought Brown only had two types of students -- hipsters and hippies.

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