{shortcode-788b1179c2b6362632b6223b06cf105cfd61e32c}With 4.1 K registered attending on Facebook, “Farmal: The Real Garden Party” is poised to be one of the most popular student social events. Hosted by and in the Harvard Community Garden this Saturday, the event promises to be “farmy, formal, and fantastic” with live music, dancing and, most importantly, vegetables.

In typical Harvard fashion, and due to an overwhelming student demand, those who wish to attend the event still can only be placed on a wait list through a “ticketing system.” Hey, you didn’t actually think that there could be a Harvard party open to all? Event organizers may have anticipated an inclusive, outdoors free-for-all, produce-powered dance party, but alas.

For those lucky enough to secure Farmal tickets (props to you for planning ahead, and congrats on having Saturday night plans!), look forward to three hours of live music from a selection of student musicians including the Dudley Co-op based Co-op band, Justin Giallorenzo and Tree Palmedo, The Lighthouse Keepers, Ratna Gill and Dylan Schaffer, and Laila Smith and Ben Wetherfield.