In 2005, University President Larry Summers took a night off to “gyrate” with freshmen in Annenberg, for seemingly no reason at all.

“I love Larry,” said Dara E. Blume ’08. “He’s the man”—(who’s good at math and science)—”and very fashionable—I would almost go for sexy.” What’s holding you back, Dara? Seems like you said it. We want to start a petition, nine years too late, to get back at all those who objectified Larry.

It appears Larry got down to many tunes such as Bootylicious by Beyoncé. “Now I can say that ‘Bootylicious’ is our song,” Chinwe U. Nwosu ’08 said. Drew Faust and our song is “John Brown’s Body.”

Not all of the songs were Larry’s thing, though. “I have never heard of the Bee Gees,” Larry said after “Stayin’ Alive” played. “Is that bad?” No, we’re sure they haven’t heard of you either.

“It was the most fun I’ve ever had on a Thursday night,” Nwosu said. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and just assume she always had Friday class.