{shortcode-6c27f90a9f0472b28a3e482953f7a090d1894ab8}Harvard HoCos throughout time have proven the axioms that history repeats itself and time is a flat circle.

Back in 2001, HoCos also hesitated to release their budgets and only three Houses submitted their funds on time when asked by the Committee on House Life.

Dean of Freshmen Thomas A. Dingman ‘67 defended the request. “The student officers who are reluctant are missing the point,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that this request has been thought of as a dean’s plot.” Dingman then cackled and touched the dagger by his side.

According to the article, “Eliot House Committee chair Emily R. Murphy ’03 said she was ‘a little apprehensive’ about what CHL was planning to do once the information was collected.” Maybe they would sell the information to enemies around the globe!  

But good old Quincy House, the sweet, obliging People’s House, seemed down. One former Quincy House Committee member Brian R. Smith ’02 said in the article, “Looking at the budgets is a necessary step to getting more money to the Houses and to equalize spending across the Houses.” This year, when Quincy House submitted its budget to the UC, they submitted it in Euros. Really, check it out.