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You are cordially invited to know the ending of every movie or TV show. Ever since neanderthals skipped to the last mural of the cave paintings in France (oh no, the buffalo died), spoilers have been in high demand. There’s a feeling of eternal superiority that comes from knowing more than the person next to you having put in very little effort.

The good people at Netflix have put together a site that spoils the ending of various Netflix content. In other words: binge-watching just got streamlined. Never seen Breaking Bad, season five? Us neither, but now we know that Walter was Luke Skywalker’s father.

Using this site is even easier than going on Wikipedia and scrolling to the bottom of the plot. No one reads words anyways these days, including these.

Aside from watching spoilers, there’s a part of the site dedicated to voting on which spoilers are okay to show people and which aren’t. The Hunger Games? Yes, spoil it. The Usual Suspects? No. Don’t fight us on it. Get out the vote! There is no fear of jury duty.

Drop your fourth class. You’ll need the time for browsing. We’re excited for Netflix to spoil their own Adam Sandler movies, coming soon, so that we won’t have to ever sit through them.