{shortcode-281c471881748bd8aa4df2be52bdbd0fad266675}Yesterday, Taylor Swift’s album dropped like a baby in the hands of an uncle who just can’t stop palm-sweating. It’s fair to say everyone in the world is excited, especially YouTube video-makers trying to piggy-back off of the profits. This post is dedicated to the multitude of internetters’ poor quality and variable length videos.

The first video I stumbled upon when searching for “1989”-related content was everything I wanted. No, everything I needed. Welcome to the two and a half hour long review of “1989” by a man lying down on a couch with a knack for calling her “T-Swizzle.” They must be long-time friends given the ludicrous amount of insight he brings to the table.

Then, there’s also the three minutes of techno pretending to be “Blank Space,” a track on the album, thanks to Taylor Swift’ (spot how the channel name is different from Taylor Swift for five points).

Lastly, help a guy out and get this man more than 800 views.

Happy listening to “1989” and please, please, please support these highly creative Taylor-related videos. She doesn’t need all the attention today.