Lamont is packed, there are naked people running in the Yard, and your email is surprisingly inactive. All of this can only mean one thing: finals period is upon us. It's time for the inevitable cycles of procrastination and panic and painful realizations that yes, it probably was a bad idea to skip the readings (don't worry, you'll be fine).

"Flyby!" you cry, "How will I get through this week?" Dearest reader, fear not! These are the foremost productivity hacks to help you survive finals week. Read it and weep.

1. Master your sleep cycle. All the cool kids know that sleep occurs in 90 minute cycles, which is why setting your alarm for an hour long nap never really works out too well. Wake up feeling refreshed by timing your sleep (read: naps) in 90 minute intervals.

2. Get off Facebook and Buzzfeed. Whether you love it or hate it, you're spending all of your time on it. We know—we've seen the computer screens in Lamont. To help us help ourselves, it's probably a good idea to check out Chrome/Firefox extension Stayfocusd, which can block certain sites after you spend a set time on them. For the freaks on Safari, check out Mindful Browsing. And there's always SelfControl.

3. Get comfortable. It's finals week, and if there ever is an acceptable time to wear pajamas in public, it is now. Take advantage.

4. Stuff your face. Ain't nothing like Insomnia to match your insomnia. Or some t-t-tasty, tasty (burger) for your Fergalicious self. Or some b.good to do good. Or some J.P. Licks to help you lick your final. Whatever it takes.

5. Reach out. Call your family (Mother's Day is coming up!), hang out with your friends, get off Facebook (see above) and get some face time. As much as you love studying, the weather's just too nice to be stuck inside.

Share your own helpful tips below!