They say that a parent's love is unconditional, but if you want to keep receiving care packages from Mom, it can't hurt to show her some love on Mother's Day.

Even though the holiday isn't until next Sunday, it's probably not a good idea to treat your gift like a response paper, because in this case, every word counts— and your mom, unlike your TF, will see right through your sloppy submission. To help you get started on your gift before reading period and exams drain your life source quicker than a Dementor, Flyby has some suggestions.

1. Use your Harvard degree. Literature majors can write poems, VES majors can create a piece of art, CS majors can code a simple program, and Folklore and Mythology majors can (close) read their mothers a bedtime story.

2. Accessories. Buy your mom a bright scarf, bracelet, necklace, or purse. Do not buy her a "Harvard Mom" sweatshirt—not everything in her life is about you.

3. Flowers. Flowers may seem a bit cliché, but how nice were those daffodils in front of the Science Center? They're all probably dead by now, but didn't they spruce up your room quite nicely for a few days?

4. Crafts. Convert a Mason jar into a candle, find a nice frame and decorate it, or make your Mom some jewelry. Just don't buy something from Senior Sale and pass it off as your own.

5. HBO GO. Because everyone deserves "Game of Thrones."