Are you worried that courtship is dead at Harvard? Have you been friend-zoned? Do you spend all of your time waiting to be called out on "I Saw You Harvard?" Has this ever happened to you?

In an effort to help Harvard students learn how to date, Laure E. "Voop" de Vulpillieres '02 is offering an inclusive, college-wide "Dating Skills Workshop" on April 5 at 7 p.m. in Cabot's Senior Common Room. The workshop seeks to teach students such fundamental skills as meeting potential dating partners, asking someone out, and engaging in polite conversation.

In order to teach "the art of seduction in any social scenario," a publicity email sent out over House lists reads, participants will practice "flirting with furniture" and "making eyes at strangers." If you're interested in practicing your pickup lines on a floral print loveseat, you should RSVP for this limited-enrollment event here.

One would hope these basic skills would be common sense. Then again, we all can think of fellow students who could stand to learn how to engage in conversation, pick up on social cues, or better understand the delicate line between creepy and cute.

In fact, on second thought, the University may actually want to consider adding this course to freshman orientation.