The stakes were raised this Housing season, when most Houses put out multiple full-length videos (even if they weren't all official). And since there are still some two-odd hours before the first freshmen will receive their housing assignments - what better way than than to celebrate by rewatching all of the videos of the past weeks?


Gold Digger: "Does it suck to live elsewhere? They don't need to answer / Talkin' bout how much they love it while they're tryin' to transfer"

Do You Hear the Freshmen Sing? "It is the music of the freshmen / Who will not eat lunch again!"


Cod Shop: "We got that semper cor / from that quad house down the road."

We Are Never Ever Living on the River: "You go back to doubles leave the singles all to me / But we are never ever ever living on the river"


Currier Love Story: "I live in a single and that's how I feel / at least in a triple my friends would be real"

Don't Get Rivered: "When your roommate is hospitalized, you're still stuck in a triple."


The Moose is Loose - "Sail."


Eliot Shop: "Eliot's got mad swag / There's only one best house at Harvard"

How Awesome is Eliot House ...?: If you had no time for memes in the past year, this will get you up to speed.


Dumb Ways to House: "The Quad is mad far / Dunster's rooms are like a European cars"

(Based on Brad Pitt's Chanel No. 5 commercial) : "It's not a house. Houses have four sides. But Kirkland has eight sides."

(Based on Calvin Klein Concept commercial ) : Words?


Baby Got Lev: "I like Lev House and I can not lie / You other froshes can't deny"


Get Lowell - "To the courtyards, to the bells (to the bells)."


MatherFall: "Think on your sin(gle)s."

Why I Love Mather House: "Baby you light up my world like no other house / Guaranteed singles for life get me overwhelmed"


Harlem Shake vpf: top comment: "Now we know why there's special schools for smart people."

Pfo Ho - "(Pfo!) So show me pfamily / (Ho!) All the pfriends that I will meet / (Pfo!) House spirit keeps me strong /(Ho!) Pfoho, you can't go wrong"

Polar Bears Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like People: Transcription was tough.


Epiq Meal Time: "We just built Quincy House inside Quincy House."

"That's f****** Quinception!"


Game of Throp: "You may live in Dewolfe, but you'll always be a son of Winthrop."