With Harvard-Yale weekend rapidly approaching, students from both universities are gearing up for fun, festivities, and friendly(ish) competition. Although the game is formally billed as the highlight of the weekend, for many of us it really only exists as a nominal excuse for the ensuing drinking, debauchery, reunions with Yale friends and frenemies, and, if you’re me, repeated nostalgic YouTube viewings of Tom Lehrer’s infamous satirical fight song. To keep up morale throughout the weekend, Flyby has come up with a guide to maximizing your celebratory spirit if you choose to imbibe. Whether or not you decide to make alcohol part of your weekend (or most of it), be responsible, enjoy, and stay safe on the mean streets of New Haven.

1. The Crimson Cocktail.

Prior to leaving Harvard on Friday, indulge in an afternoon Crimson Cocktail (2 oz gin, ½ oz ruby port, 2 tsp fresh lime juice, 1 tsp grenadine syrup). This could be your last opportunity to enjoy a classy and civilized drink before we are forced to gulp down whatever plebian offerings the barbarians in New Haven are likely to prefer. Extra points if you drink this out of a crystal tumbler with your ring-adorned pinky finger in air while telling everyone how much you love going to Hah-vahd (in a British accent). When things get a little sloppy later that night you’ll want to assure everyone you go to Yale, so for now, revel in your Crimson pride while still on native ground.

2. The Party Shuttle.

Despite the fact that we’re the ones on the road this year, there are several easy ways to let the good times roll along with you. Flyby has an easy solution: bring a flask on the bus. This allows you to simultaneously enjoy the ride and ration your intake due to its pre-allotted portion*. We recommend passing the time with classic road trip games: I Spy, 99 Bottles of Beer, etc. updated with strategic drinking rules.

*Although we advocate drinking the way we advocate voting (early and often), there’s a fine line between lively bus drinking games and spending the ride in the bus bathroom vomiting into a plastic bag. Drink safely.

3. Bulldog Gin.

When you arrive on Yale’s campus, your first move should be to buy a bottle of Bulldog Gin. Your second should be to promptly pour it out. Bonus points if you do this while cackling gleefully and shouting the Latin lyrics to Harvard’s fight song. If you can’t remember them, just make them up, and if you don’t know Latin, any raucous impressions of the marching band will do. Although we at Flyby decry the waste of any food—or worse, alcohol—ancient Harvard lore dictates that this ritual sacrifice helps ensure a Harvard victory at the Game. (Okay, so Bulldog Gin was actually founded recently, but whatever. I’m trying to make it a thing.)

4. Toad’s.