Every week, The Crimson publishes a selection of articles that were printed in our pages in years past.

July 30, 1943: Navy Wives Run Widener as Services Draft Experienced Peacetime Helpers

Navy wives have taken the place of drafted librarians to relieve the shortage of trained helpers which has afflicted the library at a time when Widener's functions are doubly important to both civilians and servicemen.

August 2, 1956: Students Still Sit in Wrong Places

The Summer School administration, proprietors of entertainment facilities in Boston and Cambridge, and Harvard semanticists all joined yesterday in a common plea to Summer School students: Keep the entries to Yard dormitories clear. In other words, don't sit on the steps.

Semanticists were worried about the social congregations on dormitory steps because, as one of them put it, "the function of entries is to allow people to go in and out—see Webster's International Dictionary, 1946 edition, page 855."

August 4, 1964: Arrests Now Frequent in Greenwood

William W. Hodes '66, a SNCC volunteer working in Greenwood, Miss., was arrested for disorderly conduct Saturday, beaten in a rather offhand manner by the local police, and released later that day on $100 bond.

August 1, 1975: Ad Board Denies Request for Physics Final Waiver

The Administrative Board of the Summer School has denied a request by Paul G. Bamberg '63, associate professor of physics, that the final exam for his course Physics S-1 be waived, because of the discovery last year of several cheating rings in the self-paced course.

The ad board has accepted the petition for the past two summers.

Compiled by Julie M. Zauzmer