It is time to tell Al Gore '69 that there is nothing inconvenient about this weather.

According to a recent CNN article, this January was the fourth warmest in the last 117 years.

January is typically the coolest month in Boston, with an average temperature of 29 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Weather Channel.

However, for most of the month, the temperatures ranged from the upper thirties to low fifties. Throughout this entire season, Boston only managed about seven inches of snow, in stark contrast to the more than 80 inches of snow that covered the area last winter.

But not everywhere in the United States has been as lucky as Massachusetts. Texas reported the 11th wettest winter on record.

And Alaska? According to the weather channel, some places, like Fairbanks, hit temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit…below zero. Many cities in Alaska had their coldest months on record, and some received over 15 feet of snow.

These extreme temperatures may be misleading current freshmen, setting them up for a cruel awakening over the next few years. But hey, if it means that we could tan outside in January, why question a good thing?

Note: The author takes no responsibility for jinxing the winter weather. The frigid temperatures of Feb. 12 were by no means the result of this article.