Quad residents lamenting their distance from CVS need no longer worry. The Quad Grille is now offering customers an array of practical non-food items alongside their traditional selection of mozz sticks, curly fries, and other alcohol-absorbing treats.

Feel like some late-night lint rolling but tragically lacking a roller? Craving a bath pouf to make that post-party shower all the more cleansing? The Quad Grille has you covered, with an impressive variety of travel-size items ranging from nail polish remover for $1.75  to $3 sewing kits to four different types of toothpaste.

"Quadlings don't have the luxury of having a 24-hour CVS close to our dorms. Rite Aid is a short walk, but it closes relatively early," said Grille Manager Olivia M. Shopshear '12. With the alarmingly early onset of winter weather Quad residents are grateful for the chance to purchase necessities close by, Shopshear added. "As the weather has gotten colder, these items have become much more popular."