Recently, we noticed that the MBTA has started construction on a new elevator that will connect the Brattle Square Plaza to the Red Line Upper Bus Platform. The project, which began about two weeks ago, will last about two to three months, and the work will be taking place during the hours between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. J.F. White, the contractor responsible for this project, has a long history of working with Harvard and also on Boston’s Central Artery/Tunnel.

An MBTA press release indicates that "sidewalk and crosswalk areas will be temporarily adjusted as necessary to facilitate construction activities," and Brattle Street towards Church Street will be shut down for a week in June to accommodate the construction of a raised crosswalk. Although this work will be "disruptive," the press release states that the “contractor will work to provide safe access to all properties during constructing, using temporary fencing and ramps, traffic cones, caution tape, and signage.”

The press release also indicates that the contractor will be demolishing sidewalks and removing existing trees as part of the project. But at least by the end of the summer, your Brattle Square should be back just in time for you to make your unimpeded treks to Crema Cafe.

Photo by Xi Yu/The Harvard Crimson.