Saturday night was as typical as any other—part of the student body cruising for a place to rage (some accompanied by prefrosh worthy of corruption), and others working away at those end-of-semester papers.

But around 10:30 p.m., the Harvard Band broke the monotony by playing a not-so-impromptu concert (check out the video) on Mill Street between Quincy and Leverett, in honor of the latter's 80s Time Warp Dance.

As the music reverberated throughout the River area, spectators lined up against the walls of Old Lev to enjoy the scene. The band members, some of whom dressed for the occasion in brightly colored tights or leg warmers, cheered loudly in between renditions of 80s songs such as "Heaven is a Place on Earth" and "Livin' on a Prayer."

"It's a really cute gig," said Christine K. Son '11, the manager of the band.

This performance had the added benefit of reaching the prefrosh roaming around campus. "We want them to feel excited and welcome about coming to Harvard," said Drum Major Matthew D. Trout '11.

The band's efforts seem to have worked: several large crowds of students (and/or prefrosh) headed directly into old Leverett, in the direction of the dance, while they were playing outside.