The broken window in Quincy House, which has caused a chunk of the dining hall to be blocked off by caution tape for over a month, has now been repaired.  However, we're still unsure what caused the damage.

Most students in the Quincy dining hall tonight speculated that the cold over J-Term had caused the window to crack, but some had more creative theories.

“A senior head-butted it,” declared Matthew J. O’Brien ’10.

“We assume that it was squirrels,” Ruthe J. Foushee ’12 said confidently. “With winds as fast as they’ve been, the squirrel either was blown or was thrown by an opossum.”

Several students said they were impressed by the speed with which four to six workers used a crane to install the large window at around noon today.

“That’s kind of a big thing to ship,” said Katherine J. Calle ’10, who claims that she was the first to discover the broken window and promptly alerted the House master, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Foushee was more skeptical about the window’s repair. “We decided that they had to be doing something metaphorically or spiritually,” she told us. “There’s no way those little sticky things”—the suction cups used to hoist the glass into its new position on the second floor of Quincy—“could have held that entire thing up.”

“Clearly the guy at the bottom in the hard hat was a wizard,” Foushee said.

Photo by Jonathan P. Levine '12, Crimson Staff Photographer.