The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and some other schools too).

Who ever said that the fashion industry can’t be academic? Just this week, Vogue Magazine seems to have been dispatching its highest-ranking editors to make the rounds to various Ivy League schools, giving talks on topics from aesthetic inspiration to eating disorders.

While Anna Wintour, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, spoke at a Harvard business school panel discussion on Tuesday (along with designer Michael Kors), Yale hosted Vogue's former American editor-at-large André Leon Talley for an event sponsored jointly by Ezra Stiles College and the student group YCouture. While there, Talley, clad in one of his signature couture robes, spoke on the inspiration he received from his grandmother and urged his audience to seek for similar inspiration in their own lives.

Dartmouth has just admitted two Haitian students from Port-au-Prince’s Université Quisqueya, which was destroyed in January’s earthquake. The pair will start classes on Monday and will be primarily focusing on economics and environmental studies.

At Princeton, local Princeton borough and township officials are considering discontinuing the Dinky train service, which connects the university with Princeton Junction station. Even though the Dinky service has been around since the mid-19th century, it looks like local officials could institute a rapid transit bus system instead.

Meanwhile, down in New York, things are heating up at The Columbia Spectator. On Thursday, the newspaper printed a less-than-flattering review of chef Tom Colicchio’s restaurant, Colicchio & Sons. New York Magazine’s Gael Greene tweeted the post, it appeared on the magazine’s Grub Street blog, one thing led to another, and Colicchio himself eventually called up the blog to ask: “Since when did you start reprinting reviews from college newspapers?” Beware the power of college media, Tom. Beware.