Last night, the Lowell House Committee announced that the reinstatement of their dining hall restrictions would be effective immediately: "Lunch will be open to Lowellians and one guest during all of lunch and until 6:45 at dinner on weekdays and Sundays (this includes brunch)," the e-mail read.

The e-mail explained that these restrictions are in place so that residents can find seats in the dining hall during the weeks of the Lowell House Opera. The HoCo will reconsider these restrictions in March after the Opera leaves.

Great. Lowell has joined the ranks of Adams, Quincy, and the other Houses that have complex rules about who can eat there and when. This means that for the next month or so, the only Houses left open to everybody at anytime except community nights are Cabot, Currier, Pforzheimer, Mather, and Dunster—the Houses too far to walk to in the first place.

HUDS has organized the complicated list of inter-House dining restrictions on their site. But maybe the best strategy to find a place to eat near the Yard is to find yourself some more River house friends.

Or, you could always just go to Hillel.