It's that time again—the night before the start of exams. If you're still determining the opportunity cost of taking part in Primal Scream tonight, stop—Ec10 has already taken up too much of your mental capacity. For everyone else, here are eight reasons why prancing through the Yard in the nude is far better than your lonely carriage in Lamont.

1. It only takes 10 minutes.

Let's be real. You'll easily spend 10 minutes on Facebook stalking your ex. Why not spend it in the company of others instead?

2. It's not that cold.

Today's mean temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Last December, it was 36 degrees Fahrenheit. They did it. So can you.

3. It'll be like taking a shower.

You'll be naked, and the soft rain will be like taking a cold shower. The perfect rejuvenation if you've been nodding off while studying. What better way to kickoff an all-nighter?

4. It's good exercise.

Take a break from studying and move around a bit. If you never go to the gym, here's a chance to burn off those Christmas cookies before matters get out of hand.

5. No one will see you anyway.

There are too many people running at fast speeds for anyone to notice one particular person. Also, the Harvard University Band will be playing—which is plenty of distraction. Just don't be rounding the last bend while others are securing themselves in blankets.

6. It's sentimental.

Sure it may be a little cold, but that'll only last a few seconds until your body adjusts. The thrill, the glory, and the stories of primal awkwardness, however, will last you a lifetime.

7. You might get to be in tomorrow's paper.

Who wouldn't want to have their backside pictured in The Crimson?

8. You can't just go and watch.

Let's not kid ourselves. Unless you're holding someone's clothes, you're just being creepy.

Photo by Carlos A. J. Rodriguez-Russo/The Harvard Crimson.