Flybyblog has one prediction for next year: student groups on campus will proliferate--this, judging by the fact that the Class of 2013 currently has six functioning(ish) Facebook groups. Since those 13ers just can’t choose, Flyby sees it as our duty to help the Class of 2013 choose the one, true, official Class of 2013 group. Here are our four favorites ranked in order from If-you-join-this-group-your-a-newb to very-respectable-Facebook-showing.

Group 4

Creator: Wayne Crosby

1 member

Description: “ HOLY BATMAN!

Awesomest (sic) group EVER!! PICS & INTRODUCTIONS of ALL the NEW

FRESHMEN students! Class of 2013! Come see!”

There’s one picture. Is that you Wayne??

Enough said.

Group 3

Creator: Glen Maganzini

54 Members

Who is Glen?

“I'm a senior from Wakefield Massachusetts planning on going to

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