We all know that missed connections suck. You see that special someone in Lamont cafe, getting a latte. The stars have aligned. Except that your Math 23 pset suddenly seems a lot less intimidating than...face-to-face flirting. Aack.

Well Harvard, you're not alone. Eli's down on his luck, too. Find out about the lack of lovin' at Yale after the jump.

ISawYouHarvard.com, which was created by a CS50 student, has taken Harvard by storm, thousands of "I saw you"s have populated the site since it was launched a week ago.

But as HarvardFML.com spawned the knock off YaleFML.com, it was a only matter of time before the lovelorn bulldogs followed with GoodCrushYale.com (at least they were more creative with the title).

FlyBy perused the site to find some unexpected gems:

"You look like Guy Pearce and even though I think you're gorgeous my friends completely disagree," wrote one user. "What do they know? You look kinda crazy too. But not in a sociopathic way."

And like some Yale students, the posts vary from the simply strange to the delightfully sappy:

"You're the smartest person in my English class, by far." wrote another user. "I sat next to you sometimes, but never said a word to you. Your brilliant comments and the way your hair falls across your forehead are what got me through the semester."

Awwwwww. There's nothing quite like (bulldog) puppy love.