Yawn. Monday night's Gossip Girl sucked. Not only did the people we care least about get the most screen time, but people we don't care about but sort of have a vested interest in given their screen time earlier this season seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth. Oh well. Storyline ratings after the jump.

The Nate tries to develop his character but fails storyline.

Plot Intrigue: Distracted by the lack of inflection in Nate's voice. -5

Bee tee dubbs, have we ever heard him talk so much? Now we know why. -1

Tragic Flaw: Lack of personality. -10

Tries to form a personality by subscribing to this whole "family loyalty" thing. +1

Actions are completely incongruous with his unbearably flat personality. 0 (We're just being astute and commenting.)

PowerPlay: Tells annoying Vanessa she's annoying and self-righteous. +2

Couldn't get Serena uninvited to own party. -3

Plays Vanessa. +5

NateFail: Saw a dude drowning and stood there agape. -5

Overall: -16

The Serena trades her friends for a sucky job storyline.

Plot Intrigue: Kind of sick of this working girl thing. -4