In a move sure to excite enthusiastic undergrads, the Boston Globe endorsed Alan Khazei ’83 in the special election for the Massachusetts senate seat left vacant by the death of Ted Kennedy.

“The 48-year-old Khazei offers a strong vision for success in the Senate, channeling the energy of activist groups and private-sector policy incubators while dedicating himself to the laborious task of building legislative coalitions,” wrote the Globe.

As a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Khazei has been popular on campus among those paying attention to the quest for Kennedy’s replacement. More after the jump.

Elizabeth J. Newton ’11, who has been active in the Khazei campaign, is thrilled with the news.

“I think that Khazei's major challenge all along has been name recognition,” she wrote in an email to Flyby. “Once people learn about how much good he's done, they love him, but many people simply don't know who he is...I think [the Globe’s endorsement] will draw much more serious attention to a candidate who has been fantastic from the beginning.”

The Globe lauded Khazei’s high potential in personal style and leadership as well as his progressive political approach, writing:

“In supporting Khazei, the Globe believes that this state’s future depends on new ideas. The next Massachusetts senator should be the person who best embodies forward-looking thinking, and not the traditional paths to power.”

Khazei has habitually trailed behind in polls since announcing his candidacy on September 24th. But don’t take down those “Alan Khazei for Senate” signs peppering your dorm window just yet—as our current President knows well, it ain't over till it's over.