As you may have read earlier this week, The Washington Post recently named Jeremy L. Haber, a joint J.D./M.B.A. student at HLS and the B School, as one of its four remaining finalists in the newspaper's "America's Next Great Pundit" contest.

Unfortunately, the Internet has voted, and Haber came in fourth, receiving about 7 percent of the vote in the seventh round. Legal tabloid Above The Law has reported that Haber chalked up his loss to difficulties balancing the competition with his schoolwork.

Still, fourth ain't half bad at all, especially out of an applicant pool of 4,800 and a group of ten editor-selected finalists, which included Nobel Prize-winning physicist Burton Richter, former assistant secretary of commerce Darryl Jackson, and Council on Foreign Relations expert Lydia Khalil.

What prize could attract such talent and generate such competition? Why, gainful employment, of course: 13 weekly columns to be published either in the Post or online for a total salary of $2,600. And who says you can't get get a job in the print media these days?

We'll leave you with Haber's columns and blogs from the competition in order to facilitate your current procrastination.