The CW network once confined its cookie-cutter melodramas to the mean streets of Park Avenue and botoxed Beverly Hills.

But no longer.

The latest hotbed of young adult debauchery and angst, according to Warner Bros. executives, is Harvard Medical School.

The network is developing a show of the Grey's Anatomy ilk, creatively called "HMS," according to a brief published in The Hollywood Reporter this week. More details after the jump.

"Heroes" actress Hayden Panettiere has pledged allegiance to the project: she has been named "co-executive" producer for the series. "HMS" marks her first foray into the intricate territory of television production.

Other details, like plot and character lines, are pending.

The show will feature "a group of bright students at Harvard Medical School," The Hollywood Reporter wrote.

Maybe the CW is on to something: Harvard medical students are a feisty bunch; they did protest and prompt an onslaught of national media attention last year.

Ah yes, maybe the medical school is a bastion of young adult tension and angst, rife with raunchy relations between that kid who spent every waking second studying for orgo and that girl who published an article in Nature junior year and got a perfect score on the MCATs.

Or, maybe university officials have embraced an oft-submitted suggestion to Harvard's "Idea Bank," encouraging the university to shamelessly sell the Harvard brand name for more than just a few outrageously overpriced polo shirts. Heck, selling the Harvard name might just be our golden ticket out of the financial apocalypse.

Stay tuned for Harvard's official response to the show. As of Friday afternoon, medical school spokesman David J. Cameron wrote that he was "working to find out more" about the show.

In the meantime, watch your back, Gossip Girl.