Well, well, well. Last night's episode was all glitz and glam. Jenny's a spineless bitch, Chuck grants forgiveness, retracts forgiveness, grants forgiveness, partly retracts forgiveness, and Nate finds a new pastime. Involving vampires and o-faces. The usual storyline ratings, after the jump.

The Serena thinks she's a working PR girl storyline.

Fashion Faux Pas: Someone needs to tell this blonde chick that if you're working in the real world, it's not okay to bare your entire cleavage and backside or expose your lady flower in the office. -5

PowerPlay: Tells dumb Dan he has no street cred. +3

Snags a hot celebrity boyfriend without even trying. +3

Move also saves her ass. +1

Except her job was in jeopardy, like, 5 times in one episode, so her nanosecond of brilliance belies her true mental faculties. -10

Overall: -8

The Chuck wants to be a man/Blair has a bad, bad night storyline.

Power Play: Tries being a man and not letting Blair wear the pants in the relationship. +20

Fails. -20

Dorota's sex life depends on Chuck's fickle love. +3