We're back again for another riveting round of Gossip Girl storyline ratings. Last night's episode was actually pretty hilar. So, Nate has an idea, Vanessa has a mom, Blair turns Chuck gay, everyone wears chunky necklaces, and Scott dies (okay, wishful thinking). The usual, after the jump. Only a few spoilers this time.



The boring Nate has an idea storyline.

Plot twist: Nate, yes, Nate, has an idea! +1

NateFail: The idea sucked. -100

Tries to use Serena. -5

Serena finds out and one ups him. -10

Best moment: Nate's face, when Serena loses his steep, steep wager. O_O +1

Overall: -113

The Serena is sad/maybe Carter will finally leave the show storyline.

Tragic Flaw: Carter is a little biatch. Too easily emasculated. -17

SerenaFail: Failed to get any action. -10